Channel NUMBERS missing from guide

I have two clients:

Channels v3.5.1
AndroidTV 9 API/28

Realtek Bluetooth
Channels v3.5.1
AndroidTV 11 API/30

On #1, when displaying the guide (grid), I see the channel logo and channel number, which is what I want. On #2, I see the channel logo only, in a narrower column. Is this some difference with the same client version on different versions and Android TV? Or did I, in some manner I haven't found, turn the channel numbers off?

I've looked everywhere I can in the DVR web IU and in the individual client settings.

Strange. Can you submit diagnostics from the second device? And post a photo of what it looks like?

Are both running at 1080p?

Yes and Yes.
"Logs have been submitted as 511b383c-ed45-4c82-aef7-86d7dbd31815 "

Both at 1080p, but one's a 65" and the other is a (I think) 47"

Other scaling differences (obvious) in the presentation. #2 is generally too small.

I need logs from the app itself, under Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics > Other

Settings -> Manage Sources -> pick the source -> advanced settings -> turn off channel logos only

That won't help.

The second device is running in 4K mode it appears. Maybe that's something new in Android TV 11.

Under the source I don't see "Advanced Settings"

Done. (Just now)

It's a 1080p TV running in Auto settings. 4K resolutions are not offered on this display by the Android box.

Just curious how you got the guide timeline to display in 24hr format?
Would like that in the browser (DVR web UI) guide.
Is that a Channels DVR Android Client setting?

Doesn't it just use your system's locale settings? If your device is set to use 24h in its locale, then Channels will, too?

(I've checked in my devices with iOS/iPadOS 14.x and Android TV 9 and 10, and in all of them Channels respects your OS-level locale settings for time display.)

Maybe not in the web UI.
I have my WIN10 prefs set for 24hr display, but still see them as AM and PM times in Channels.

I wonder if you set your system locale to one that defaults to 24h, if the web UI would follow?

I'll give it a quick try if you have a suggestion for which system locale you're talking about.
Otherwise, everything else is working fine on my WIN10 system.
Maybe something to do with the web browsers I'm using.
They're my Channels DVR Clients.
Firefox and CHREdge (MS Edge)..

Most any locale other than en_US is 24h. Also note, a change in locale may require a restart of the DVR server at the least, more likely a system reboot to ensure a clean/fresh environment. (Although I can't comment exactly on how Windows would handle that, as I have no Windows systems to test.)

I can't find another locale (meaning where I am) in WIN10 to try.

My Channels DVR servers run on Synology NAS's and on Dockers on top of them...
I just prefer to access them using Windows PC's most of the time. They run on my Synology's.

If that's the case, then you would set your locale within the Docker container, because that is the environment that your server runs in. Of course, most Docker images are quite limited, and usually only have a locale of en_US.UTF-8 or C. You can try passing an environment with the variable LC_ALL or LANG set to your preferred locale, but chances are it will have little impact within the container.

If a proper locale is important, then you need to either construct/build your own image, or run it on a host OS with the proper locale and support files. Such an exercise is beyond the scope of this forum, though.

Edit: The official Channels Docker image is based upon Alpine, which does not support locales. However, if you want to use it as a basis to add your own layer on top of the image, here is a link to give you guidance:

The device is one of there: Android TV Box 11, RK3318 USB 3.0 Ultra HD 4K HDR 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 2.4G 5.8G Dual Band WiFi with BT 4.1 WiFi 100M Ethernet with Backlit Mini Keyboard Set Top TV Box: Electronics

Well, it could be that it's not an "Android TV" box, but rather a TV box with Android. Essentially it's running the phone/tablet Android OS (probably with a custom home screen/launcher), and not the separate/distinct Android TV OS, which is slightly different.

(There are very few licensed/proper Android TV devices on the market.)

I suspect you're correct.