Channel Order Difference on Two Apple TVs on the Same Network

1 HDHomeRun Prime
1 HDHomeRun Connect Duo
Apple TV 4K - Ethernet
Apple TV 4 - Wireless
Apple TV 4K - Channels display in numerical order as desired with the Connect Duo (OTA) first
Apple TV 4 - All Channels display in numerical order. Favorites display all Connect Duo Channels last.
Question: Do I have to move all 24 of the Channels from the Connect Duo manually? Why would the Favorite Channels display correctly on one Apple TV and not the other?

Sounds like the clients have different tuner priority settings. Set them all to the same order, and this ought to fix your problem.

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Yep, go to the Settings tab of the app and click Adjust Priority. Then move the HDHRs so they are in the same order.

The priority of my two HDHomeRun is the same on both Apple TVs. I checked this weeks ago but failed to mention it. Keep in mind, if I view All Channels, the channels display in the correct numerical order. Only when viewing Favorite Channels do the Connect Duo channels display after the Prime channels. The Connect Duo is prioritized first on both Apple TVs.

It sounds like you may have manually re-arranged your favorites. If you want to reset the order you could delete and re-install the app.

Deleting and reinstalling the app fixed the issue. Thanks!