Channel Request - EWTN

Is it possible to add a live stream for EWTN?

I would also love to see EWTN added to TVE.

+1 My grandma loves this channel and would be a great addition to TVE

Available in pre-release v2020.08.03.2001 as ch6900

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Thank you Aman and everyone at Channels DVR for providing AWESOME customer service. You guys rock... and I appreciate it.

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Thank you! Channels gets better every day.

Thank you guys so much for doing this...cheers

Developers, channel request: What about adding TCT channel from Spectrum (& others)? It's the only place to find Rabbi Lapin.

Not sure if it's just me but this channel is down. No video no audio.

Same - looks like its playing but no video or audio @tmm1

Fixed in prerelease

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thank you :slight_smile: