Channel scan fails


last 2 or 3 builds I cannot do a channel scan, It always fails?


Fails how? What happens in the app? Is there a message shown?

What kind of hdhomerun do you have?


It is a Quatro and the message simply states scan failed


it still works mind you? but I have never had this issue in the past. HDHomerun scan shows 58 channels and channels only shows 52? deleted app and reloaded and still get same error "scan Failed"


If you can take a photo or make a video and email to [email protected] that would be helpful


the picture you requested was sent to support Saturday, Any updates?


Sorry, we didn't receive anything.

If you can click "Submit Diagnostics" at the bottom of the Settings tab after trying to scan that will also be helpful.


Done, sent all 3


It looks like you're running beta hdhr firmware? 20190516beta2

Did you install that manually?

Are you able to run a channel scan from ?


It is the latest from HDHR, I did install. Yes I can scan from their app but not yours.


Update: Does same thing in today's HDHR Beta release


I was able to reproduce with the beta firmware. I've put in a fix for our next version which will be released in a week or two.