Channel Selection for Season Pass

Provide a dropdown or autocomplete for the optional Channel Number for creating a season pass. You could populate it with any channels that have an episode of the show upcoming in the current guide data.

To allow multiple channels, it could use the same multi-tag control as collections.

This is possible on the web UI using the advanced pass editor.

In the advanced pass editor, it is still a plain text field with no hinting except to tell you if the channel number you entered has any airings. I am talking about using autocomplete on channel name/number or a dropdown with channel name and number for any channels with upcoming airings. You have all of the data there, you just need to change that text box into a more user-friendly control. Again, think of the "Pick a channel..." control for Collections where you can enter a number of part of the channel name to see a list.


I see, thanks for clarifying.

That would be a nice feature as long as it doesn't limit you to only channels with upcoming airings.
I sometimes create passes for things that aren't in the guide yet.