Channel Signal Strength Analyzer

Signal GH app is a channel signal strength analyzer that works with HDHomerun. Functional, but not as slick as it might be.

A channel signal strength analyzer as part of the Channels app with the simplicity of the channel lineup scan feature would be appreciated.

I realize that you are already pointing in the direction of Silicon Dust, but I have greater confidence in Channels software than in SD software.

I just use the Tech version of the HDHR setup software.
that shows each tuner and updates in real time.
much better than the web GUI stats when u go to the tuners ip address.

I would like to see a way to see tuner stats in channels UI some how, either live while watching a channel, or in a "test" mode of some sort.

Like a 'Stats for Nerds' display, would be nice to see.
I'm sure the devs are using or developing one for their testing of the new HDHR Quatro 4K

Where does one get that version?



First link on this page. (u do not need to install the tech firmware)
Only exists for Windows.