Channel stuttering fixed

The newest release seems to have corrected an issue I was having with live programs pausing and/or dropping audio. Will continue to test.

Thanks for reporting your experience. I assume you’re talking about Premium TV channels specifically, right? Or were you having issues on OTA channels as well.

I’m still seeing some occasional buffering/pausing here, and am working on adding a larger buffer for Premium TV channels.

Also: which Android TV device are you using?

Was happening on all channels for me. My cable is direct from the wall using an Extend. It’s some weird “free” cable my apartment complex does. I’m fairly sure the cable company was the route of the issue to begin with, but it seems much better now. Using an Nvidia Shield 2017.

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I spoke too soon. Video just stuttered again; diagnostic info sent

I guess those channels are being encoded in some weird way. If you can send me a sample of the stream that will help.

Use chrome to download and then send it to [email protected]

Sent. Gmail is making me send as a Google Drive link, as it is larger that 25MB.