Channel Up and Down and Previous

Is there a previous channel or an up and down channel on the guide for Amazon fire tv?

What remote are you using and what buttons does it have?

Amazon fire tv remote

If you double click play/pause it should go to last channel. There's no way to up/down with that remote.

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Is this supposed to work on the Nvidia Shield? Not working for me.

I thought maybe using the play/pause via the circular button would work but it doesn't.

I had the same issue. My remedy is to modify the "quick guide" menu in the settings to include all channels. During playback, hit the button with the 3 lines and you can switch to the next or previous channel.

It only works on remotes with a dedicated play/pause button.

The latest shield remote has that button. On older shield remotes, tapping 2x in the middle of the volume slide area triggers play/pause. So tapping 4x there will cause jump to previous channel.

Thanks, it is working good on the newer Nvidia Remote.