Channel Up/Down doesn't do favorites only?

Hi all. So I'm on day one with Channels and the TS4k. So far pretty good. Remote works well so far though the Live button is a bit slow compared to my tivo dvr/mini.

Is there a reason why favorites is the only way to limit channels? Not too happy about channel up/down going through every channel when I have favorites checked for the guide. Doesn't make sense to me and is actually quite annoying having to go through all the channels to get to the next favorite. Someone mentioned you have to go through the web UI to permanently delete channels. That's something that hopefully gets more user friendly down the line.

Otherwise, early on it seems like I might be able to ditch my tivo boxes. Currently using an XPS 13 and my old tivo drive in a USB enclosure. Would like to migrate to a NAS though and not leave the computer on. But for testing purposes, this will do.

I plan to fix this soon, based on recent discussion:

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Great. Thanks. Are you a one man show around here? Have been lurking for a week, and you seem to be the main contact on here.

There are three of us behind Channels: me, @maddox and @eric


Good to know. Thanks. I might be selling my tivo equipment soon. :blush:

There is a setting in the latest beta/alpha where you can choose what channels are used for Channel Surfing