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I have been seeing the (Channels was interrupted logo) after a Show was Recorded sporadically, not on all recorded shows the past 3 weeks with my Apple TV 4K latest OS version on different TV Channels the video will pixelate and stop playing at times during playback?

I decided to look at my Android TV Nvidia Shield connected to the same Channels DVR Server the same show I was just playing on the Apple TV now the logo (Channels was Interrupted logo) was not there anymore and after playing the same show now on the Android TV I have no problems with Pixelate or video stopping now ?

I also looked at all the recorded shows and could find not find any shows that were recorded present and past with the Logo Channel was Interrupted?

But when looked through all the same recorded shows I had just looked through with the Android TV now with the Apple TV it shows several shows with the Logo Channels was Interrupted now?

There seems to be something wrong with the (Apple TV Channels DVR APP), I see the same problem either it be the Released Channels DVR Version or the Beta Release.

So, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem?


You'll need to check the log tab of the DVR web UI to see what errors are happening during those recordings


Will it be possible to send you the Log file ?

I am still seeing the same problem.

On the Apple TV it shows Recording was Interrupted and pixelation and stops plying intermittently when playing.
I looked at the same show on my Android TV Nvidia Shield and it does not show Recording was interrupted and it plays fine also?

It really looks like something is wrong on the Apple TV side but ok on the Android TV?


If you submit diagnostics from the DVR server web ui it will include the log files.

Those "Interrupted" or "Error" notices on recordings are only visible in the Apple clients, or in the web UI. The information is in the DVR server, but Android clients currently lack a means to display it.

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Still does not explain why when playing the show with the Error notice on the apple TV I will have pixelation and video stop and go playback problems?

But when I play the same show on the android TV I do not have any problems with video play back or pixelation ?


This indicator has been added on the latest Android betas and will be in the next Android release.