Channels 3.2.41 - More Top Shelf Issues

Hi guys,

It seems that there’s another issue with the top shelf that’s now in 3.2.41 (can’t comment if it was there in 3.2.40): the top shelf disappears.

If you have Chanels in the top row in tvOS, and hover over’ll see the Channels logo and after a few seconds it WILL populate with shows.

However...exit from Channels for a few minutes. Go to another app. Eventually come back to hover over Channels, and once more, the Channels logo appears and a few seconds later the carousel will populate. It’s almost as if Channels is crashing in the background, or being unloaded from memory or being restarted.

This behavior definitely wasn’t occurring as recently as a couple of weeks ago.

@tmm1 - thoughts?

Please try the beta