Channels above 100 hit or miss

Odd behavior trying to troubleshoot

  1. using cable card
  2. no issues prior
  3. totally believe in DVR (signed up for year!) giant recommend
  4. dvr setting works when computer is on, but should default to device when computer is off
  5. below 100 ( perhaps hd above 100) works fine above 100 it’s hot or miss, mtv worked but weather channel didn’t then went back to mtv and it didn’t then weather did, then local nbc did and didn’t.
    (Computer is off) this behavior is new.

Any ideas? Yes software / app updated
Yes rescan of channels (140 plus) done

Note when computer on and dvr available and logged in as “away from home” similar but since have multiple sources (sign ins) CNBC works on one but not another (which I believe is place / sign in at today)

Other than reboots and rescans....thoughts ?

Does the official HDHR app let you tune from the HDHR on those channels?

The DVR computer is used for TVE sources, so if the computer is off channels from TVE will not work. You can uncheck those sources on the Settings tab or restart the app to forget them. Click TV/Home twice and swipe up.