Channels and HD Homerun DVR

So, if I am paying for HDHomerun DVR service, will that function carry over to Channels,and allow me to record stuff via the Channels app, or do you have to pay for the dvr service from Channels to get the dvr integration?


No. They are two separate services that use two separate applications.

While both Channels DVR and SiliconDust's HDHomeRun DVR software both make use of SiliconDust's HDHomeRun network tuners, they share no software.

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thank you!
I really want to use the Channels app, but am hesitant to buy it AND the DVR service, since I already have Plex DVR service configured for free, and have almost a year left on my annual hd home run DVR paid service..

If you use Plex DVR, then you either have a lifetime Plex pass or pay annually for it. It isn't free. Regardless, Plex is great, but for live TV and DVR, Channels is just better IMO. Now, the issue of already paying for 2 (or 3) services is a personal one. Depends on how much you dislike your current service. Lastly, you can do a one time purchase of the Channels app just for live TV. But if you think you'll use the DVR service, you shouldn't as the apps come free with it.


Suggest you try Channels DVR “free” for a month.

Channels DVR subscription includes all of the separate viewing apps: “iOS”, tvOS, “Android”, “web UI”, etc. No need to buy separately.

IMO, Channels is the “Best” between the three (SDDVR, Plex DVR & Channels DVR).

Not as full featured as Plex DVR...i.e., You cannot view non-Channels recordings in “Recorded”. But not always a requirement of a “user”. However, Channels DVR excels in other features.

Just “No” to SDDVR - Only feature worthwhile “viewing DRM channels” (and the 3 year promises of future addition of recording).


you re correct, I have Plex Pass..
So, I just have to subscribe to the dvr service as a stand alone, and then I get the apps for every platform free? That makes it a lot more interesting..


thanks Debbie! I guess I need to get a good attic mount antenna now, to get more channels than I currently do with my indoor..
How do you get the DVR service "free" for a month? I have Apple TV and an iPad..also an android phone and streamers, so not sure how to move forward..

thanks for your help..

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Yes, if you are a Channels DVR subscriber (or on the free trial), download the “DVR” versions of the Channels apps for free.

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Welcome! “DVR User”

Let us know if you have any questions. There a lot of features in Channels...but a top one, IMO, is “Advanced Pass” ... have to be running the web UI to access (do try it before your trial ends).

“DVR” Page > Passes> Gear Icon> New Advanced Pass

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thanks Deb; there is so much to digest with this software, that it will take me awhile to get through all of it!
But, you guys were all right; this works so much better than the built in stuff with hd home run, and, it appears to stream things in higher quality than Plex..thanks again!:smile:


Channels is definitely a 'best in class' product.

I switched over to Channels just in the nick of time given the debacle I've been witnessing with SDDVR and their attempt at a "new" UI. All I can do is shake my head.