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Just thinking out loud.

I've seen folks ask if they can record from their streaming channel. I thought "Why would anyone want to record from a streaming channel?" One way to think about streaming and a DVR is that a DVR is good for time shifting. No need to have way to time shift a streaming program.

But that's old school . There are other reasons to record the shows: if recorded it can be truly in your library (Channels links to streams would become dead when the stream provider dropped the show); take advantage of commercial skipping, which would be great if that is a real goal. (I have another thread open on topic of"No commercial HULU).

But alas, there is no recording of streams. I don't see the advantage to taking the effort to make links when you can just go to the streaming app and play it.

Sounds like you're looking for Channels' PlayOn Cloud integration:

Interesting. You may be right.

I just read through the content on the link you provided.

Question: Does Channels features apply to the resulting"recording", more specifically... Will it skip commercials that are on the recording?

Do you know if the recording you make expire when the given show record is dropped by the streaming service?

I went over to the PlayOn door and it looks like it's a mobile app. So I guess this would not be a feature used in the TV environments.


I took another look. It appears maybe you need to use a mobile app to set it up.

But going here it looks like a service you pay to do this.

A bit confusing. I'll have to down some time researching.

Thanks for pointing it out.

I don’t have PlayOn so I’m not 100% sure but I believe you can at least set the recordings to have commercial detection run manually once they appear in your library. I don’t think it happens automatically. Scripts can be created to do this en masse if you have some technical skills.

The items are actually downloaded to your disk and are not DRM so once they are downloaded they are yours forever, as far as I know.

Thanks! I appreciate your input.

Maybe the worst part is it would fail the WAF guidelines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is what Play-On doesn't tell you before you sign up.

To record a program at 720 resolution costs one credit. If you want 1080 resolution, it costs you three credits.

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Thanks for pointing that out.

I may play around with it too see how it goes. But I'm not inclined to use a derbies with that for off presumed structure. And nor even suit off 4K. Not sure about Dolby.

You do use a mobile app to set up the shows you want to record. So here is how it works. you sign into a streaming service account. Say HBO MAX. You then search for the show you want to record, let say Dune. The app will log into HBO MAX with your creds and will live play the show and capture the file and store it on the server. If you associate your account with channels, then channels will download the content into your library.

Yes this is a service you are paying for. Credits will need to be purchased for the downloads but they are cheap. The recordings do not expire as a capture and not a download from the streaming provider. This is why it's legal. it's basically the same as setting up a VHS tape and recording your show off TV for remote viewing. This is why it takes so long to get the recording. its now a download. it's a full, real time, viewing with a screen capture.

Why you would do this is up to you but offline watching while traveling is a good example. Or having our favorite shows locally won't be impacted by ISP bandwidth issues. Or content is often cycled off streaming providers. Netflix does this all the time.

Well said!

To clarify, this is a typo and should read "it's NOT a download."

Check out AnyStream.