Channels API: can't switch channels if something is already playing


I'm trying to use the API with IFTTT and webhooks. The goal is to link it to Google Assistant. Everything is connected and working but I'm having trouble issuing a play channel command. If no channel is playing and I issue the command, everything works fine. If a channel is already playing and I issue the command, I just get a blank screen. If I then query the status via the API it says it's stopped. Is this expected behaviour?

Below is an excerpt of the log. From a stopped state I sent an API command to play channel 25. While channel 25 is playing, I send another command to play channel 12. Blank screen apppears. (I'm testing this all with CURL commands directly to eliminate any issues comiing from IFTTT.)!AlC0ljQw9jZgg9MFJEEEd0F7ZF62vQ


Which platform and device?


Nvidia Shield. App version is 2.1.8.


Any ideas on this? I've tested on my Apple TV 4 and the API works as intended. The issue appears to be unique to the Nvidia Shield or Android TV?


Yea clearly a bug. This used to work, so something must have changed.

I'm uploading a new beta build with a possible fix. If that doesn't work I'll have to setup my dev SHIELD and do some more testing.


Just updated and tried again. No change. I submitted diagnostics.


Thanks for testing.

Just to confirm, if you change channels via the pull down Quick Guide, it works fine?

Strange because the API re-uses the same code as that for changing channels.


No issues changing via the pull down guide.


Reproduced. Uploading new beta with fix now.


Fixed! Thank you!


I'm not sure if this is related to the recent API fixes, but Channels is no longer responding to generic Google Assistant commands issued to the Shield. For example, telling the Shield to pause or play via the remote microphone or via another device. This works fine for apps like Netflix or Plex, and I think it used to work for Channels but it isn't anymore.

BTW I've been doing a lot of tinkering with all things Google Assistant lately, and that's why I'm stumbling across these things.