Channels API for Apple Tv


I have been making use of the Apple TV api interface. I have had Tons of great success creating a number of iOS shortcuts , which can can be involved via Siri voice commands. So for instance , I have an ESPN shortcut to jump right to that channel. I have another to toggle closed captioning. Really slick great stuff and kudos and thanks to the developers for exposing these api commands.

However here are a couple of wish list items.

Is there a way to expose the Apple TV Bluetooth home/tv button to the api interface?

One benefit would be to expose the right control panel pop up with a long press.

Another benefit would be to be able to invoke the app switcher with a double click.

Channels sometimes hangs and it would be nice to be able to close it down. Sometimes at night I want to pair my AirPods with the Apple TV so I won’t disturb my neighbors, and having access to these additional two functions via the api interface would be spectacular.

Tons of us users have older harmony Ir only remotes with no harmony hub, if the api commands for the Apple TVs home/tv button were exposed it would open up a world of possibility.

You might find atvremote/atvscript useful — it exposes the protocol the remote in Control Center uses.

It is not possible for our API to control the OS, only our app.

Here’s a thought tmm1

1: one challenge has been to be able to just do a soft reset of the app when it occasionally gets in a funky state. . I wonder if this could be done as a Button option in the channels settings, and since this would be happening within the app and not the OS; how about adding an api command to do a channels soft reset as well, so it could be Siri driven. Of course you never want to have to get in funky states with channels, but they occasionally do happen and a soft reset function of some capacity could be useful.

2: regarding the home/tv button everyone in the world should lobby Apple to make that function a learnable IR button and not Bluetooth only. It was a dumb design mistake for them to do this. Buts that’s a whole other discussion.

It’s quite possible this was done for security reasons. IR is easy to duplicate and has no authentication of any kind. I’m imagining a restaurant with TVs running via Apple TV or a kiosk of some kind. The home button has a lot of potential power, perhaps they didn’t like the idea of anybody with access to the IR sensor to be able to give that command. Just a thought.

Well never know for sure. My guess it is more about Apple desiring people to use the Siri remote. If they were worried about security and someone changing channels at a bar there are way more secure ways to to that.

Apple designed a remote with primary focus on their own remote, not 3rd party remotes. Siri remote can control tv, audio system, and apple tv all in one and in the most simple way possible. You don’t even need to point it at the TV with BT and CEC. It just works anywhere in the room. It has fast touch scrolling and commands are quick and responsive. Some TVs and sound systems don’t have CEC though, so the some controls need to also have IR support to allow for universal use. But only the ATV has a TV button, so this only needs bluetooth which is fully supported by the device the remote is designed for. If 3rd party remotes want to replicate this button, they can do it with BT. If they don’t want to include that functionality, they do the best with what functions they are willing to include. But I don’t see how it is Apple’s issue that some 3rd party remotes don’t support the BT TV button that is not used on any other device.... it is exclusive to the ATV.

It's been discovered that Channel Master has managed to include this button with IR:

One's on the way to me now.

Apple is the issue when they already have an Ir learning mode on the the Apple TV. They chose not to expose TV/Home button for Ir devices to lean. There really is no reason that button can work over Ir, or Bluetooth. It was a deliberate choice to force users to stick with an Apple remoter use an iPhone/iPad to be able to get to the app switcher or control panel. They don’t care about your user experience, they care about selling you hardware, and they deliberately over and over through the years have left out features so you will by the next better “greater Siri remote, or a computer that the keys don’t crap out when a spec of dust lands on them. The new Apple TV 4K was just announced. Does anyone know if the
At new Model can Ir learn the home/tv button? .

I happen to have a home theater system with multiple components, and like many many users prefer the harmony remotes and their activity modes. Does the new Siri remote do macros? Not everyone has a completely complient HDMI compatible controls on all their components.

The Siri remote that came with my Apple TV is a piece of shit, it’s difficult to use , it’s fragile, the track bar button scheme is left brained - and sits in a drawer. That’s why they just redesigned it so you’ll go out and buy THAT one which will probably sit in a drawer I’d rather use an iPhone with control center than the Siri remote.

If that were the case, then why would they include the IR learning mode at all? Also, we've found that the Channel Master IR-only remote does have a working TV/Home button, usable by any IR remote that can learn from it. So your rant kind of falls apart on the face of it.