Channels API selects channels from disabled sources

I'm having an issue using Siri Shortcuts to change channels using the API.

I have 2 sources listed in the Channels app: an HDHR Quatro and a Telly instance. Telly is linked to TVHeadEnd where I've combined my SAT>IP server and my HDHR into a single source. In the Channels app, I've disabled the HDHR Quatro as a source, so everything goes through Telly instead.

With the API, if I try to choose a channel that shares a number with a channel used on the Quatro (106 as an example), the API will switch to that channel using the Quatro instead of using Telly. This obviously can have unintended results, especially since I've not used the same numbering scheme in my Telly setup that the Quatro uses (eg, UK Freeview numbering).

Is there a way to get the API to only use enabled sources?

Will be fixed in next beta build

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Confirmed fixed and working as expected on latest beta. Thanks!

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