Channels app and new tivo streaming stick

Confirmed. Something weird going on there.

the other annoying issue with this dongle is that it turns on the TV and Receiver in my case after you turn the whole system off. There is an issue with CEC on this. hope they fix it.

It only show up when you hit the down button for quick tuning momentarily. Still cant stream with mine. For some reason channels appears to be the only app I have playback issues. I sub mitted diags, but no reply yet.

Confirming the odd time bar issue on my Tivo 4k. It would not load at all while watching a recording. Then when watching Live I was able to pull it up but it flickers a few times first then stuck around.

Also is there any way to have the number keys work on the remote?

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The number keys only work when viewing the Guide. Works well, it does saves on scrolling. The issue is remembering the numbers. The time bar is a big issue not appearing with the up key. Never shows up so you can't see where you are in the program My device audio mutes when I call up the quick view and scroll either left or right. The way I can get the audio to return is to pause play. This Tivo Stream is android device with the same app build and version like my Fire TV Stick and have not seen any of these issues with the Fire TV Stick. I was after number of times swapping my HDMI inputs on my TV, to get mine working without the freeze and shudder issue. Its does not like my HDMI-ARC setup. I had to change it to one of the other HDMI inputs to get it working.

Anyone having issues getting the Device to playback OTA Channels with HDHomeRun. When it does a search for devices it comes up with two. HDHomeRun.input and another NetworkedTuner device.

Do you have the HDHomeRun app installed? If so, that would explain those inputs: the first is allowing Live Channels (which is what it looks like TiVo is using to integrate Sling) to directly access the tuner; the second is using the HDHR app to handle the tuning. If you use the first you can have the device handle DVR functions on its own, the latter will only permit viewing.

(The advantage of using an HDHR "Network Tuner" with Live Channels is for CableCARD users—Network Tuner allows you to view DRM flagged channels, but only view live.)

Is there any way to remap or integrate the buttons on the Tivo remote to work with Channels DVR? For example, pushing the "guide" button to bring up the Channels DVR EPG (not Tivo), skip, live, etc? If Channels DVR could fully integrate with the remote, this would make it a very interesting client. :slight_smile:

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I got OTA channels scanned in Live Channels app with no HDHomeRun app installed.

A quick Google search brought this up:

TVirl is one app that support Live Channels. Until Channels DVR support it you can get a work around by using channels m3u url as playlist in TVirl app and scroll the DVR channels.

channels m3u url format is as below.

Is there a way to get EPG resource url with channels guide data?

No. If you need an XMLTV file of the guide, SiliconDust provides one with their DVR subscription.

See here: XMLTV guide data

I'm looking to use EPG data in TVirl for channels m3u playlist url

As I said, Channels does not offer its guide data outside of its application. If you need guide data from something other than Channels, two options are:

  1. Purchase a DVR subscription from SiliconDust for $35/yr. If you follow the link I provided earlier, it explains how to access the XMLTV data for integration with a different application.
  2. Purchase a subscription to Schedules Direct for $25/yr. To make use of the data they provide, you will need a use a separate application to access their service, such as the tv_grab_… tools provided by the XMLTV Project or something like EPG123

Both of the above options source their guide data from Gracenote, which is the same data provider that Channels uses.

If neither of those options appeal to you, then sourcing the data is an exercise left up to the user.

Thank you. Its clear now.

Changing channels with the remote numbers is working for me outside of the guide. You just can't see on screen confirmation when entering the channel numbers. Also, it only seems to work with TVE Channels because they are 4 digits without suffixs. Don't know of a way to enter OTA channels numbers as there is no . or _ on the remote to enter the suffix position. ie. 16.1

Also from On Now - any section, changing channels using Remote channel buttons up/down from only within the section is working. This is old ways of using remote but its great.
Changing channels from guide navigates All Channels.

Its already there. You need to open Channels DVR and start from On Now section. Play any channel and start using Tivo remote buttons up/down or enter channel number.

The question about button remapping was regarding the guide/TiVo/other buttons on the remote, not the ones that Channels already supports.

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