Channels App choppy and pixelated


Hi! My HDHomerun app is working fine, it stays mostly smooth and the audio is great. When I try to use channels, it loads for a minute, then freezes, the pic turns into squares and the sound cuts out. I did try turning off the surround sound, as suggested, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Any help greatly appreciated!


Can you try the free InstaTV app on the same Apple TV? Sounds like the WiFi at the Apple TV is not very good.


The WiFi works very well with everything else. The InstaTV app would be using the same WiFi connection. I paid $14.99 and I would like this app to work. Do you have any trouble shooting suggestions, or, a way to get a refund? Thank you.


He offered a troubleshooting step in order to determine the nature of the problem. You might consider trying it.


The hdhomerun uses 5x more bandwidth than any other app. Other apps might be fine with low WiFi signal but the hdhomerun will not.

You can try the free apps InstaTV or VLC to compare, since they both talk to the hdhomerun. All three apps will have the same problem if WiFi is the issue.

If you need a refund you can request from Apple on


Wow - your comment was so super helpful! Keep up the great work, web warrior.


I did try three other apps, the InstaTV app also, which crashed my Apple TV. The only issue I am having is with the Channels app. I'll reach out to the report a problem link you provided. Thanks.


How far away from your WiFi Router is your Apple TV? If not too far, I would recommend connecting the Apple TV to the Home Network via a Cat5 Ethernet Cable to see if that resolves the problem. At least it would tell you for sure that poor WiFi performance is the problem.

Also, if your router supports it, you can try using 5G WiFi. The 5G frequency offers higher bandwidth and is usually much less crowded than the 2.4Ghz WiFi channels.


You can also download the speedtest app and see what it says about your Wi-Fi.


I also have the same issue ever since I got the DVR subscription and I’m hard wired with mbps download speeds of 94.
Tired trouble shooting by restarting my devices and still nothing.


Does it happen on both live tv and recordings?


Yes, it happens on live and recorded.


Do you have tuner sharing enabled on the ATV? What are you using for a DVR?

What do you get if you open a browser (on a separate computer, if your DVR is on a computer) and go to <your_DVR_address>:8089/speedtest ?

When you write "mbps download speeds of 94," to what do you mean? In terms of a wired network that's not necessarily very good. Is the wired network a 100mb/s, or gigabit? If the former: 94mb/s is ok. If the latter: Not so much.

94mb/s between what and what? If you mean your Internet download speed: That's not meaningful in any way.

When you write that your ATV is wired, rather than wireless: Wired into what? Some combo router/switch/WiFi devices have been known to be problematical. (Which is why I recommend never to use them.)

From a web browser, and with Channels running on your ATV, go to <your_ATV_address>:57000/speedtest and tell us what it says.

If your DVR is running on a computer and you can do that one from that computer: All the better.