Channels App Choppy - hdhomerun app works fine


What’s the verdict?


I think we are good! I will keep you in the loop but as of now it seems to be working perfectly. Thank you again!


Ok new issues now. Many channels are not coming thru with sound and are playing at 2x speed. Or looks that way. Hard to explain but video across a bunch of channels are maybe missing frames so appears to be moving very fast. No sound.

Turning OFF surround sound fixes this again


I am seeing this same issue. I have submitted diagnostics. (Channels Beta 127). Turning surround off fixes it. But turning surround back makes it happen again - it’s not all channels so presumably only those broadcasting in surround


Has anyone seen this?


Some others have reported similar issues, and sent me some recordings which show the issue. I plan to take a look next week when I return home from vacation.


No sweat, at least there is a workaround. Enjoy your vacation!


This should be fixed in beta v128


Yep it seems to be fixed. Excellent work, thanks!


I was having the issue on my Sony x930e where I would hear sound but only have a black picture. I rebooted the tv and everything has been working fine since.

Try navigating to the tv menu and go to the “About” menu, you can reboot the tv from there. Or, you could just press and hold the power button on the original Sony remote until the looping video graphic shows up on the screen (appx 20 seconds).


I’m still seeing this issue whenever I have Surround Sound turned on and I’m currently running Beta 129. It’s happening on SOME channels, but definitely not all. Seems to have something to do with how the channel is encoded from FiOS. Some FiOS channels are MPEG-2 and some are MPEG-4 or H.264. It’s these latter channels that I think have the issue with the skipping/choppy/lip sync issue… and this all cropped up rather recently.


Do you have any recordings which reproduce the problem consistently?


It was fixed for us, on our MiBox 3 Android TVs, as of Beta 128. (Meant to report that, earlier. Sorry.) Just checked Beta 129 and it remains fixed. I checked our FTV V2 under 128 and it was good. Will check 129 later today.


Hi everyone just a quick update that things are very choppy again across all tvs using channels app. Beta 139.

Sony XBR X900s

Havig isssues last 3 or 4 days

Also, most of the time there is no guide content either. Let me know what other info you need

Submitted diagnostics