Channels App Closing (Crashing)


So I'm attempting to watch Cold Justice Season 6 Episode 2 and when I click my Apple Remote to Watch . . . Channels just closes. Going into the Library to choose a different episodes causes the same behavior.

I've tried refreshing the Metadata but not sure what else to do . . . and I don't think I am seeing anything in the logs on the server



Can you try the beta from

Sure - I am currently running 2021.07.18.1806 and that was updated yesterday at 2:38 PM DEST.

I do have a show currently recording so I'm assuming that I will have to wait for that to be completed.

It also just happened with a Dateline - so odd.

I'll let you know when I update and what happens. And yes it was happening yesterday - that's one of the reasons why I did the update to see if it solved it.



I'm asking you to try the beta app on your Apple TV instead of the regular app you're using there now.

Duh! Sorry!

Ok - how do I install that? :slight_smile:

Yesterday when trying to solve this I did go into the app store but it said up to date and I'm not seeing anything within the Channels app to update to a beta



  1. From the link, enroll in the Channels DVR beta.
  2. Install the Test Flight app on your Apple TV.
  3. From within the Test Flight app, choose to install the Channels DVR beta.

I am familiar with TestFlight and have it installed on to AppleTV - however I'm only seeing P**x :wink:

Do you need to send me an e-mail for me to join in on the beta or what?

Both tvOS solutions mention an invite or some type

Installing a Beta tvOS App via Email Invitation

  1. Install TestFlight on Apple TV.
  2. Open your invitation email on a mobile device or computer.
  3. Click or tap Start Testing. You'll be taken to a web page with a redemption code.
  4. Open TestFlight on Apple TV.
    5. Go to Redeem and enter the redemption code.

Installing a Beta tvOS App via Public Link Invitation

  1. Install TestFlight on an iOS device and Apple TV where you can sign in to the same App Store account.
  2. Tap the public link on your iOS device.
  3. Tap Accept for the app you want to test.
  4. Open TestFlight on Apple TV. You must be signed in to the same App Store account you used on your iOS device.
  5. Install the app you want to test.


If you do not have an iPhone/iPad with Test Flight installed, then yes, you must request an invite for the tvOS beta. Send an email to [email protected] with the email address associated with your Apple ID so they can send you the invite.

Otherwise, if you have an iPhone/iPad, visit from that device to enroll in the beta (without the need of an email invite).

(The directions you quoted are pretty clear ... which part of them is unclear to you?)

Ok - I got it now and Channels is now showing up on my TestFlight on my iPhone. Wife is now watching something on Peacock so will confirm and test in a bit.

It wasn't clear that I needed to open on my iPhone - that that WAS the public link. I'm on a computer and I click the link and I'm reading the directions - it's telling me that I need a public link or an invitation

And I opened that webpage multiple times and I could find nothing to register. Saying open the beta link on your iPhone or iPad would have helped!

I'll let you know how testing goes in a bit!


Thanks! That solved it - I was able to start watching Cold Justice again!


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Glad you finally got it to work.

At the top of the webpage that opens if you follow the link on the beta page, the Test Flight webpage states at the top:

To join the Channels DVR Beta beta, tap the link on your iPhone or iPad after you install TestFlight.

I guess Apple is assuming that doesn't need further clarification.

Having the same issue with some programs I am trying to watch. Started today (4.5.7). Any idea when the fix will be up on the store?