Channels App crashing on Apple TV 4


wonder if anyone else has seen this and can help me figure out the pattern. Tech support has been good about replying to me but have not been able to duplicate

Have Channels on three Apple TV4s and it happens on all of the boxes. Happen more on the one we use the most so had originally thought it was specific to one unit. When it crashes the app closes and returns me to the Apple TV menu and when I restart the app the guide is reset back to the top instead of the previous channel I was watching. The timing can be days between or minutes

Have two HDHomeRun Primes connected. Connected to ethernet via cat5 not wireless

Have tried:
-deleting Channels app and reinstalling
-resetting Apple TV and reinstalling all apps
-multiple version of app including beta over last 3 months

Cannot figure out the pattern or get enough information to point tech support in the right direction. any help would be appreciated. Really like the channels app, but if I cannot fix will have to look to a different cable cutting strategy.


Are you using any other software solutions with the HDHRs?

Check your firmware on the site

Cycle the power on the primes.

Intermittent is tough. You could try re-ordering the primes to see if you can get it to happen more or less frequently.

If it’s happening to all 3, it would make sense that it’s something in common like cabling or a switch.


Thanks - I had not thought about the firmware on the hdhomeruns. I did check and they were an old beta version from 2015 so you may be on to something.

Still would not expect the app to crash, but I will not care that much if this fixes it.

Will update after checking for few days


Well it lasted for 2 hours but back to crashing.

I changed the order of the primes to no avail also

Maybe someone else will have a different idea


Are you on tvOS beta? Does channels crash or just freeze? If it freezes is it on a commercial?

I have been experiencing freezes on tvOS beta but it is exclusively during commercials.


not on tvOS beta - it was the firmware for the hdhomeruns that had Beta in the name from 2015. latest release (official) on tvOS