Channels App doesn't see HDHomerun but Dvr does?


Strange issues since I’ve come back to my house from vacation. Didn’t really use the app while gone.

Back in the house, the app doesn’t see my hdhomerun. The DVR software does and can stream channels just fine. Tried adding the hdhomerun by ip address, but it’s claiming there isn’t a box there.

The HDHomerun software doesn’t see anything either?

I can bring up the hdhomerun by the ip address. sees the box as well.


Actually - the HDhomerun app does see it now.


Ok - pretty sure I know the problem.

My main iOS devices are all running iOS12 betas. They don’t work - fired up an iOS 11 device and it works fine.

On the devices with iOS 12, neither Channels nor HDHomerun’s app sees the hdhomerun device on the network.


But now the HDHomerun app on my phone doesn’t see it but the Channels DVR does? Doesn’t make sense to me…


Is the hdhomerun plugged directly into the router?


It is not - it’s plugged into an eero which is a floor above another eero that is on a wired backhaul. It’s very strange - one second the hdhomerun software doesn’t see anything, i close and reopen and it works great. Channels on my Apple TV has no problem, Channels DVR never does. The IOS version seems to sometimes work. I can ping the hdhomerun always. I’m assuming that there is a broadcast packet that sometimes isn’t getting responded to?


Our apps use a broadcast discovery, yes.

The hdhomerun app doesn’t though. It depends on showing the tuner which should work as long as the HDHR can talk to the internet.