Channels app for PC

I could have sworn that I found a Channels app for PC...

Is there one?

No. On windows 11 with android subsystem you can use the android app


I use, and suggest Kodi, but I am in the minority. I think having a Harmony hub based remote, connected over Bluetooth to the PC is probably the reason I think it works so much better than a streaming device. I could never go back to a dinky streamer.

I tried tinkering with getting the app on my Windows PC but it doesn't show it available on the Amazon AppStore. Searching and tried putting in different names but can't seem to find it on the app store.

You have to sideload it.

Here is the apk:


What would be the advantage of getting this app?

I would imagine no transcoding due to browser because it would use the android app.

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Good answer tmm1!

I am trying emulators now. I just installed BlueStacks and then installed ChannelsDVR from the PlayStore and started watching TV. Nice. I am going to try other emulators too.