Channels app for shield accessing the channels DVR app on a different shield?

After many Roku discussions here, I made the jump to the Shield Pro. Really enjoying it and my wife (the only one who really consumes linear TV in our home) has made the transition from plex to Channels and very much likes it.

Next problem to solve in my home is this. I two different networks in my home (long story but this part of the problem isn't going to change). The new shield is in our family/living room. It runs both the Channels Client and the Channels DVR server and it does a great job.

We have a TV in our bedroom that is NOT on the same network. Right now it's got a Roku attached but I am thinking I will retire that streamer. If I put a FireTV or Shield or one of these various android boxes I see on amazon on that TV - can I connect to the Channels DVR that I have running in the Family Room even though it's on a different network? Is the option to connect "away from home" present in the clients for those platforms (they are all android tv I think).


Depends what you mean by different network. Is it just two subnets? Can they talk to each other?

If it's a different subnet, automatic discovery won't work. But as long as your router/gateway allows packets to traverse the subnet boundaries, you can manually enter the IP address of the Shield running the server from the other Shield.

completely different ISPs

(if you're bored enough to keep reading: I have Spectrum as that is my only ISP choice in this part of Brooklyn. But I work with a local grassroots community based nonprofit that's building a MESH system in NYC. I have a node on my roof and that node provides internet to the back part of my home. I could do extenders for the Spectrum service but I like being part of the Mesh project and monitoring the connection and system by using it in a small part of my home).

Then your options are a remote connection ("Away from Home" in the DVR client app), or to maintain a VPN connection between your two networks. But a direct connection via a public internet connection is not an option.

Oh, great. I 100% understood that a direct connect wasn't possible, what I didn't know was if the Shield TV app (or Android app) offered the "away from home" option. The (beta) of the Roku app didn't allow for that. This TV won't get a ton of use but occasionally - if one of the kids is doing remote school up front - my wife might want to watch a recorded TODAY show in the bedroom.

LOL yeah, I know how to use Channels.

I think heā€™s saying that yes the Shield will allow remote access, so that is a potential route you could try. The link he gave has more details on how it works and how to configure it, if needed.

Thanks. I am coming from Roku where the Roku app will NOT support remote connections so before I buy another shield, I just wanted to know that the Android app does.

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