Channels App Freezes / Slow to Respond

Hi Community!

I have an odd issue where my Channels app will freeze or become very slow to respond to my inputs. Other times, it’ll just lag up and will take a few seconds to register my input.

When leaving a live broadcast or a movie from my server, the lag of response has been getting worse and worse. The app will completely freeze while still playing the video audio. At times, PIP will still be showing with nothing in it.

The only way I can get Channels to stop is to force quit the app. I'm not sure what is happening, but it seems to be getting worse each time I use it.

I have tried restarting the server. Restarting the Apple TVs. Checking network connection and activity. I'm at a point where it's becoming a hassle to use the app.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try to do to make this experience enjoyable again?

Took a photo to try to capture what I'm experiencing. In the photo, I was watching a movie on my server. Movie was over and I pressed the home button. This brings up the PIP and is suppose to take me back to my Movies section of Channels while still playing the movie in the PIP. However, everything goes blank. Black screen with a PIP box that is greyed out. Audio from the video is still playing. I cannot do anything. The only option is to force quit the Channels app.

Hardware: Apple TV 4K (up to date)
App: Channels: Whole Home DVR (up to date)
Server: Mac mini M1 (up to date) and Channels DVR is up to date.


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