Channels App Icon Switcheroo

I had the WD NAS for a while then that lost the ability to record my shows on Channels so I figured out how to do it on my kitchen iMac. All is well an good...for a while. I had two Channels TV App icons on my Apple TV. One that is the regular one and the other is for Channels DVR which looks almost the same except for the "play" symbol in the middle of the icon. That is where I was recording just fine....for a while. Even old recordings show there from a month ago.

Fast forward to now. I have been searching the guide like crazy to find the "record" option. It is gone! Been driving me crazy for the last couple of days. Out of desperation I switched over to the regular Channels app. Low and behold the record option is there.

How the heck did this happen?

The app with the "plain" icon is for live TV direct from an HDHR tuner; the app with the "Play" icon is for the DVR-enabled app. I know on iOS/iPadOS they are interchangeable, but that may not be so on tvOS.

The "Play" icon app is the free app that requires connection to a DVR server; the paid "plain" app does not require a DVR server, but can connect directly to a local HDHR tuner.

I hear you, but I did nothing on my end from for the last few months. My "DVR" has been my iMac for several months now I don't have the ability to record from the "Play" icon. I can see movies that I have recorded there, but they don't exist on the "Plain" icon. The record function has disappeared from the "Play" icon and now appears on the "Plain" icon. And none of the movies are showing under the "Plain" icon, but I can play them.

I meant to finish that I can play them from the "Play" icon app.

The apps are identical when it comes to connecting to a DVR.

Can you try rebooting the Apple TV?

Yes, I have rebooted the Apple TV and the software is current. It is the same on all 6 of my Apple TVs. I noticed the change because I specifically moved the "Plain" icon to the bottom of my page because I was no longer utilizing it after I resolved migrating from the WD NAS to my iMac. I have been using the "Play" icon for several months to view/record exclusively.

This was until a few days ago when I wanted to record some future shows and the record option no longer existed. I can currently click on a future show under the "Play" and nothing happens. I click on a future show under the "Plain" icon and the show pops up with both recording options.

Now I have moved the "Plain" icon to the top of the page of apps and the "Play" to the bottom on my Apple TV on all 6 of them. This is how I know it changed.

I did notice before I opened the "Plain" icon app today that there was a "dot" beside it which indicated it was an updated app that I have yet to open. I hadn't opened it in months. The "Play" icon did not have a "dot" beside it because I have been using it exclusively. Until today right before I started this thread.

In the app which is not working, if you go to Settings > Support > About what version number is shown. Can you click Settings > Support > Submit Diagnostics

I submitted the diagnostics and I went back afterwards to check the differences between the two apps. On all of the Apple TVs that I swapped the apps on the page, I verified first that the "Play" icon would not allow me to record or even show what was "On Later" which I set up my preferences.

I finished swapping the last Apple TV layout when you posted. I checked on that one and now both the "Plain" and the "Play" apps will record, playback prior recordings, and show the complete list "On Later." There is currently no difference between the functions of each app.

So, I go back to the other Apple TVs and now they function on both apps exactly the same. I haven't done any updates or changes other than clicking on each one to verify if they work or not. This is the oddest thing I have seen.