Channels app on ATV

Channels pauses during live view and then rewinds and replays. I’ve noticed this happening a lot lately. I submitted logs at 8:51pm est. Any thoughts?

Huh. Sounds like someone is sitting on a remote

Haha I wish this was the case. It’s happened on all of my Apple TVs. Seems to only happen when watching live tv. It happens on my iPhone too.

This is from HDHR prime?

Does it happen in the official HDHR app?

Prime yes. I have not tried it from the home run app. Maybe a server or prime issue? Now that I think of it, it was happening with recordings too with the walking dead. Almost seemed to go into a loop when I was watching it.

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Sounds like a timestamp/encoding issue. I have experienced this in past.

If that is indeed the case, it's a "them" problem, and not something Channels can really fix. (If this is being recorded, too, then you can check the recording logs which might give additional information.)


I’ll keep an eye out for recordings of it happening and submit when I see it happen there. It seemed like the issue was the same as what’s happening on live tv. It pauses, rewinds and then replays.

You could try with tuner sharing off to rule out the dvr. But it sounds like an issue with the cable feed. Comparing HDHR app behavior will confirm one way or another.

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I’m going to try turning HEVC off. It may have started around when I turned it on now that I think about it. Only one source watching. It does say I’m watching it from my phone instead of my Apple TV on the main server status page.

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It sounds like you're watching remotely then? If so, you may have wanted to lead with that, as it changes things a bit ...

Yes, sorry about that. I was thinking it, never stated it.

Just wanted to give feedback on this. Since I toggled off the H.265 setting I have not had this issue. Not sure if it's a problem with the server app itself or a problem working with the Nvidia P2000 to transcode.

Just watching remotely through chrome on a windows 11 device. The dvr recording stream keeps stopping randomly. I can start it back up fine. I just disabled the H.265 setting again to see if that helps. I submitted logs at 9:34a est. Also, I took a screenshot of the stream and the FPS is in the 160s. Is that accurate?

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I did notice that my cpu jumped to 100% for a DVR playback. My GPU is being used too. Shouldn't the GPU be doing all of the processing?

Watching via the browser is going to use transcoding. What happens if you don't transcode on your appletv? If you have the bandwidth I always recommend not transcoding.

That's the fps of the encoder. 160/60 = 2.8x

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