Channels app remote access

I recently had two routers on my network and everything was going good. However i had a owlet cam that decided to no longer work. I read some information online and it stated that i needed to make the other router for my 2.4 ghz network as an ap. I did this and now i can no longer access channels with the app. I am able to get to it from but not the app no matter what i have tried. I was wondering if i am missing something or am i just stuck on utilizing the web version of channels because i need my cam to work for my children.

What IP shows on your DVR web UI, and what IP shows on the client app device where you're trying to connect? What kind of device is it? on the web ui, I am using an iphone to connect using the channels app. I dont think it gives me that option.

And on your iphone under iOS settings > network what IP does it show for your wifi network?

I finally got it fixed, it was the ssl certificate, which just happened to outdate when i was doing some network work. Thanks to everyone that helped.

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