Channels App startup (CCwGTV)

I've been running a QNAP server with HDHomeRun since January. Like Channels a lot but am running into some challenges getting my wife to adopt.


  1. Is there any way to make the app (on CCwGTV / android TV) open up the same way every time? What I would like is the guide button (I am using a Harmony controller) to open up Channels DVR on the guide when pressed either when outside Channels or when it is running. What I seem to get is that it opens up the guide then a channel from outside. When running Channels I've seen it switch between channels or get logo with Channels start up.

  2. is there anyway to have channels "stay open" once opened. It seems if I exit and then go back in I get the Channels starting dialog and a long time before I am in.

  3. Ideally, pressing the guide without Channels app running would open it, open the guide and allow me to set the collection for when it opens (for example a Favorite or Basic list of channels). Inside Channels, it should not open it, just go to the default configuration and show it.

Bottom line, when trying to get someone else in a household to use it, consistent response to buttons is a must. While there might be a logic to a varied pattern (pick up where you left off, for example), to a novice/learner that just seems like randomness and makes it impossible to get someone up to speed.

Maybe try to mess with the Client settings to see if you can achieve what you want. You can access this when you access the server settings via a web browser, select Client, and then scroll down to the bottom to apply Client settings across all Clients.