Channels app studders video on MiBox S

Ever since I upgraded to android pie on my Mibox the video in the channels app studders constantly. Originally it did it on my HDHR native app as well but it appears they have fixed the issue. It still however does it using the channels app which is what I use. Is there any fix for this?

Can you click Submit Diagnostics in the app after seeing the studder

I did this about an hour ago. If you cant see it let me know I can re do it.

Did you try disabling surround sound?

I haven't only because the sound comes in fine. It's the picture that is skipping and studdering.

Ok, it is just an easy thing that's why I mentioned it.

I'll give it a try tomorrow, can't hurt. I'll give anything a try at this point bc it's not useable.

Yeah, just simple settings to try that could give them data points if a setting seems to help.

@tmm1: Warning! Do not update your Mi Box S to Latest Android 9 release

TL;DR: Xiaomi screwed something up. Again.

I'm uploading a new beta app to the Play Store which adds a "Decoder: Software" option on the MiBox. Please install via and let me know if it fixes the issue on your device.


I believe I have installed the beta app, I selected yo be a beta tester then went in and selected install beta app. However I dont see the option your talking about. Where should I see it? Sorry and thanks in advance.

Under settings > player > video

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I just saw the location on my fire tv. However it's not yet updated on my mibox. I'll update when I see it. Thank you

Found it, didnt realize it installed a 2nd app, i changed it to software decoder and everything is now working as it should. Thank you so much.

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Looks like Xiaomi is dropping (has dropped?) a new release that may address this issue: Xiaomi's Mi Box S Android TV set-top box receives a bountiful bug-fixing update

Of course: If history is any guide this may create as many problems as it resolves, if not more.

Maybe I'll hook up one of our MiBox S', see if that update is available here, yet, and give it a try.

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I guess that was a mistake :frowning:

I don't know if this is Xiaomi's "latest and greatest," but one of our MiBox S' now has:

Version: 9
Android security patch level: March 5, 2020
Kernel version: 4.9.13, #1 Fri Apr 10 19:16:18 CST 2020

And with Channels Live TV (Beta), Decoder set to either Hardware or Hybrid the video jumps, stutters, and pixelates something fierce.

Good job (again), Xiaomi!

Soooo your saying dont update. Lol thanks for the heads up

My updating one of our MiBox S' was mainly to see if they'd addressed their earlier snafu with Android 9 Pie than anything else.

It's unclear whether the version installed on our MiBox S is any newer than what others here have.

It's also unclear as to whether what I've loaded is actually the latest, being as the latest allegedly brings Amazon Prime Video to the platform, yet I was unable to find it in Play Store.

I'll try to see if mine are having the same issue tomorrow. I will update with the build also.