Channels & Apple TV Roku App

How do I watch a recorded Channels DVR recorded TV show on my LG Tv via the Apple TV Roku app ?
I have Roku 'Channels" app installed, but recorded shows don't skip commercials.
Actually, my Iphone channels app doesn't skip either.
What don't i know ?


Apple TV is a streaming box and that's what you need to run the Channels app. The Roku app you're using was a prototype and is not maintained or supported.

Thank you for responding. Does Fire TV work just as well ? Since Apple TV is due for an upgrade. Thx

Just trying to be helpful here ... the Dev team has assembled some useful FAQ and other helpful documents on their website and you may want to browse those for more info. For example, the Apple TV is supported via the Channels app on the Apple App Store. Newer Fire TV are supported, just browse the links for more details.

At the link immediately above, navigate through "System Requirements > Channels" and look for "Streaming Device".

@paca336 - Before recording the program(s) did you enable Commercial Detection on the DVR server web interface by checking the box?