Channels Apple Watch App

First of all, I love your app and I think it is the best way to watch live TV on both iOS and Apple TV!

One thing that I’ve wanted for awhile, however, (and nobody else seems to be doing this) is have an Apple Watch app that has basic guide functionality and some remote functions as well. Especially with your Channels DVR coming soon, it’d be the perfect way to check and record upcoming shows, plus glance to see what’s on. The app could work by just having a list of your favorite channels saying what’s currently on (with an option to see all channels with force touch), and when you tap on a channel it brings up a timeline for upcoming shows, which you can then tap on to see more details and possibly record it. Something like this would be right at home on the Apple Watch, and I would love to see this. And like I said, I haven’t seen anyone else do this, so it could give you a bit of a competitive edge. I’d happily pay for this through an in-app purchase (or maybe you could bundle this with your DVR service).

I can’t wait to see what you do with Channels in the future though! It is such a great app!




I’m a new Channels DVR user, very happy with it (after 20 years with TiVo) and am overjoyed with the new flexibility and possibilities.

At the top of my wish list is an Apple Watch app to control the basics. I’m bumping this old thread to discuss.

These commands are what I’m thinking:

Channel Favorites
Wake/sleep AppleTV
Mute/Unmute volume
Pause/Play/Skip forward/Skip back

Many of those can be handled by the standard Remote app though, so even just the ability to scroll through our favorite channels and tune to them from the Apple Watch would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Anyway, hopefully this is something that eventually comes to pass for Channels users because it would be very useful and just totally cool!