Channels are not in number order after addition of new HDhomerun


I added a HDhomerun Connect Quatro to add extra tuners to my setup. I only had a HDhomerun Extend before with dual channels, so with the addition I now have six tuners. Everything appears to be working fine and the Channels iOS app sees both HDhomeruns but now looking at the ‘Favorites’ Guide data there is two new favorites that are not in order for some reason. Here is what I am seeing if you notice the bottom two shouldn’t be at the end with their numbering:

If someone can be of assistance since I cannot locate anything in the app for favorites order, it would be appreciated.


Go to the On Now tab, select Favorites as the filter, then you can touch and hold any channel to move it.


Wow, that was simple enough. Was trying to figure out how to do from the ‘Guide’ screen and nothing was allowing me to move them around, but that fixed it from ‘On Now’ screen. Thank you very much for the help @tmm1