Channels Behind Double NAT

Just an observation.
I noticed that Channels DVR behind a double NAT default to port 8090 All I had to do was open 8089/8090 on my XFINITY Router to Asus Router to my Channels Server... Daisy Chain Ports.
Everything works fine and connects remotely.

Why Asus was not able to listen on 8089? Maybe you need to reboot it?

The 8090 was assigned by Channels DVR ... as soon as I put it on Automatic.

Because I do not have the XFINITY Modem in Bridge mode ... I am in the Process of switching over my Smart Ring devices and Wyze devices to the XFINITY router. All my other Network Devices will connect to my ASUS AIMESH.

Likely UPnP.

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Probably ... good call.

That was it already had Port 8089 reserved for the DVR originally so setting it to automatic picked up the next available , port 8089 working now. Mystery solved. Thanks

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