Channels Beta Issues


The latest beta that just came out this past week appears to be broken. On my one Shield TV where the DVR app is installed I have the last beta player version working fine ( I don't auto update that box). On my second Shield TV which updates automatically it updated to the newest beta and I have no picture only sound. After a reinstall the app won't even open it crashes. On my phone (OnePlus 6) the latest beta was installed and the app started once then went to authorize remotely then the app would not launch. I reinstalled the beta and it force closes now just like the Shield TV. I left the beta in the play store and both my phone and Shield TV are working again.

I never had an issue with any of the betas until now. I have been on beta since the introduction of the commercial skip feature.

Something is broken.

Channels and Channels DVR crashing on Shield TV

Beta 214 (yesterday) introduced the black screen issue, and beta 215 (today) introduced the crashing issue. Hopefully both are fixed quickly.


Thanks for the update.


Fixed in beta v216


Looks like my beta setup is still on my ios and AppleTV but I've been updated back to the normal version rather than the beta on my Shield, do I need to re-sign up for the beta?