Channels can’t find HDHomeRun on iPhone XS

I have an HDHomeRrun connected to my Airport Time Capsule, I use the Channels app and DVR on my Apple TV 4K and it works fine, I use the Channels app on my iPad Pro and it works fine, But, on my iPhone XS the Channels app can’t find the HDHomeRun. All software on all devices are the latest versions. I have restarted everything. All devices are on the same WiFi. I have deleted the Channels app on my iPhone XS and reinstalled it. Is there anything else I can do to get the Channels app to see my HDHomeRun on my iPhone XS?

Have you tried to click Add Source and enter the IP of your hdhomerun

Thanks, Yes, that works. But it doesn’t explain why my other devices work fine without typing in the IP address but my iPhone XS doesn’t.. I’ll probably have to type in the IP address again when the router reboots.

The IP is remembered, and you can setup a dhcp reservation to ensure your hdhomerun has a stable IP. That's recommended regardless.

Sometimes on WiFi the HDHR discovery protocol doesn't work well, because it uses UDP which can drop packets without telling you. Some people find that 5ghz WiFi works better than 2.4ghz but it depends on your access point setup and coverage.

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I had the same issue on XS Max 12.1.2. My ATV4K and other ATV's found the Quatro without issue, but I had to manually enter the IP for it to be found on iOS.

I'm having this issue as well. I can connect to HDHOMERUN with safari, but app does not connect with IP. Sent diagnostics about 10min ago. HDHOMERUN works ok with at least 5 other Apple devices in same network.

Does the Channels app have local network access enabled (from the Home Screen of your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Local Network)?

^ that fixed it, thank you! I'm guessing it was off because off Screen time (childs phone)...

A OS update defaulted all apps to "off" for this setting, and it was up to an app to request the newly needed permission; if you didn't turn it on the first time it was prompted, you had to set it manually.