Channels closing/crashing periodically

Channels has been periodically closing and suddenly I'm back to the Apple TV menu screen. This has been happening at least once per week for at least the past month. It's happened on two separate TVs, as well as two separate Apple TVs. I generally check for the latest server updates so this has spanned several updates and I'm running the latest Channels version, 4.5.7. I've reached out to the developers a few times, sent logs, and haven't received a response. I understand that they may be busy but this is getting frustrating so, any ideas? The latest was this morning on the Apple TV 4K which does not have hardwired ethernet, but also has nothing around it that would cause interference.

I’m currently running DVR Server version: 2021.07.05.0233
HDHomerun HDHRK-4k, Firmware version: 20210624
MacMini mid 2011, 2.3 GHZ Intel iCore 5, 8GB Ram, High Sierra
AppleTV 4K (2nd gen) hardwired ethernet
AppleTV 4k (1st gen)
eero Pro
AT&T Fiber Internet

No one else is reporting this and we aren't seeing any crash reports from your device. Do you have Settings > Support > Help Improve Channels enabled?

I do.