Channels crash on Fire TV Virtual Channels

I've been having issues with Fire Sticks this evening. Virtual Channels will not play, the channels application just terminates and goes back to the main fire stick menu. If I play TVE, or HDHR or from my library it works fine.

I had loaded the latest pre-release a couple hours ago and noticed this behavior a little later. I uninstalled and reinstalled Channels on the firestick and loaded the beta with the same results. I'm seeing this on a Firestick 4k and a FireTV. My other Android boxes (ONN) seem to be ok.

I submitted diagnostics be9a57d6-202b-40ad-bb9c-5dba71c3a07f when I first noticed the issue. Since I haven't seen a post already, I assume it is isolated to me. Is anyone else seeing issues like this?


Try changing Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

I changed it from hardware to software on the 2 firesticks and got the same result. The FireTV does not have that option.

I updated to the latest prerelease this morning - 2022.09.21.0610. Still seeing the same issue.

I noticed I didn't give the versions.. Channels Beta 9.20.2116, Channels 4.4.0, Fire TV 4K Fire OS (NS6291/4113)


Please submit diagnostics from the Android device and select Crash

Okay found some crash reports from you. Possible fix coming later today


LMK if its fixed in the beta

Loaded the newest beta. App still crashed when trying to play a virtual channel. I submitted crash diagnostics 877e3d72-cd7e-465f-828f-5d1fc981f17a. Thanks

I'm not able to reproduce this.

Is the virtual channel showing correct guide data in your firetv guide? Are there multiple programs shown there?

The TV guide looks normal. I was seeing this at both my house and my mom's house. I'm at her place now and tried it. It continued to crash on channels DVR 4.4.0 but I loaded a new beta (9.22.2118) on hers and it works with the beta. I loaded the Beta (9.21.2022) on fire tv4k at my house last night and it continued to crash. I'll update it when I get home and see if it is ok with the 9.22.2118.
Thanks.. The VC's are all my mom looks at.

Loaded 9.22.2118 on mine and it works. Thanks


I can confirm that the crash is still happening. Not on every virtual channel, but the crash is still occurring on Fire TV v. 4.4.0 using DVR server 2022.09.23.0124.

Logs submitted.
ch1.1 Schitt's Creek

It was still happening in my 4.4.0 client, was only fixed in the Beta.

Same - beta fixed the issue but 4.4.0 was crashing

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