Channels DVR - Advanced Passes and Comskip

Any chance we can get a new category here for Channels DVR->Advanced Passes to just discuss how to setup/modify/use Advanced Passes?

I only see these three: Channels DVR->Feature Requests, Hardware, Troubleshooting

Hopefully (if it can stay on track) it can be used for gathering info to document that feature of the Channels DVR for your web faqs.

Hard for me as a user of your forum to find things unless they're organized. Don't get me wrong, the forum search is great, but I spend too much time searching for things like this scattered all over.

Forgot to add - 'Comskip' since I know you want to do your own version. Maybe Channels DVR-Advanced->Advanced Passes and Channels DVR-Advanced->Comskip?

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This is a great idea. As in, having one repository for Advanced Passes including instructions would be a lot easier for users. It is a very versatile and powerful feature for Channels DVR users and not included in many other DVR solutions.

Many users still aren’t even aware of existence of Advanced Pass functions...much less proper syntax, usage and rules.

I have no idea what you guys mean by "Advanced Passes". Please elaborate if you can.

This is an advance pass that I use to record new OTA Shows at 8:00PM without needing to know the title. I also do the same for 9 and 10PM. It excludes News shows. You can find it in the Web Page under passes clicking the Settings.

Tags == New

Genres != News

Channel CONTAINS .1

Time CONTAINS 8:00pm

Ah okay, I see.... so it's basically wildcarding with exclusions.


For instance, if you had typed Time CONTAINS 8pm instead of 8:00pm it would select all episodes starting at 8:00, 8:01, 8:02... anywhere from 8:00 to 8:59 start time, instead of only 8:00pm.

Advanced Passes can be very powerful if you know how to use them.

Problem is they're not documented anywhere except being spread all over this forum, thus my request for a dedicated Category.

Thanks for pointing that out I had 9Pm and 10pm for some reason I had 8:00pm

I’ve added a new Category for Advanced Passes to the Hacks main category.