Channels DVR and Philo

I've been using Channels DVR for about a month with my HDHRs and it's working great. However, today, I decided to supplement my broadcast TV with a one week trial of Philo.

The Philo channels are now mapped into a single guide lineup with my broadcast channels in Channels DVR. But out of the 58 channels, it seems there are only "roughly" 30 plus Philo channels that are showing in my guide lineup using my 4k Fire Sticks. In addition to those, it looks like I've got another dozen or so unknown channels such as CBS News LA and CBS News NY. I don't know where those are coming from; and I don't know why I am not getting all the Philo channels through the Channels DVR guide.

Can anyone who uses Philo provide some insight? In other words, are some of the channels not part of the so called TV Everywhere service whereby they cannot be mapped by Channels DVR? The good news is the fact that I seem to be getting most of the well known Philo Channels through my Channels DVR (such as AMC, Paramount, Sundance, etc. etc.). I am just wondering why I don't see "all" of the 58 Philo channels mapped into Channels DVR? And why am I getting some channels that are not recognizable as part of the Philo lineup?

Thanks for any replies here.

All tve sources have a large selection of free channels from 6700 on.
As for philo subscribed channels, only those that have live streams on their websites that you can log into with your philo credentials such as will work on channels with tve.
If you are missing some that are listed you can click edit and rescan those channels manually in web ui.

See these two TV Everywhere threads.

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I have a total of 81 Channels using Philo. There are some channels not TVE that you have to watch through their app ie: A&E, MTV2, a couple Hallmark channels. But overall it fits for our TV habits.

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I am only in day two of my Philo trial, but I am noticing those things (i.e. missing A&E, Nick, History, BBC World News, etc. But at least most of the networks on Philo are included and thus available on the Channels DVR lineup. I realize I can go to the Philo app itself for missing networks, but hoping to keep most of my viewing limited to the Channels DVR app to avoid jumping around.

Thinking Philo is a keeper since it complements my OTA broadcast channels nicely. And it's considerably less expensive than many other streaming services that are now over $50 bucks a month. There's no sense in paying for broadcast networks that I already get for free or paying for sports networks when I am only (at best) a very casual sports viewer.

I wanted to get in on something before more time passes by in the hopes of getting "grandfathered in" if price hikes take effect again. I understand Philo already had a price hike earlier in 2019, going from $16 to $20. Of course, that's still much less expensive versus most streaming services.

Thanks for sharing those links. Big help.