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Getting some errors trying to view HGTV and DIY network.

[ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Philo ch6108 DIY: TVE: 403 Forbidden: Access to the requested resource path has been forbidden: [Authorized Networks: ].
[ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Philo ch6104 HGTV: TVE: 403 Forbidden: Access to the requested resource path has been forbidden: [Authorized Networks: ].

I tried a rescan and the channel count went up, but DIY/6104 and HGTV/6108 are now gone.
What gives?

Ok so I had only done a full rescan of the Philo source. I went in and edited the source, then clicked edit and rescanned only the problem channels and they came back.

I wonder if Channels could interpret this error code as needing a channel rescan and do this automatically?

So I setup TvEverywhere today with Philo and also using an hdhomerun connect quatro. After taking a look, it seems that my channel lineup from Philo is a little strange. I spot checked and got a lot of them, but there are some missing and also some channels that appear in the tveverywhere source that I do not subscribe to. Any ideas?

I get, abcnews, cbsnews, aljazere, some ricky and morty channel, qvc, channels, and a few others that are not part of philo.

I am missing Nick, all but one MTV, Lifetime, and a few others.


See What channels are available?. Nick, MTV+, Lifetime etc are not available via TV Everywhere.

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Ahhh, I didn’t see that. Thanks!

I currently am getting 73 channels through Philo. The Extras are a bit curious...I understand hallmark having two channels, but some are not even offered by Philo.... Any idea why they come in? Not complaining..... More is better!

As long as you have at least one TVE provider setup, you will also have access to a bunch of TVE channels that do not require a login, such as NBCNEWS, CBSNEWS, CBSSPORTSHQ, etc. It doesn't matter which TVE provider you use, Channels DVR gives you access to them once you setup that first TVE provider.

So, if I want to get a channel that only one of the big cord cutter services have, for example, Philo has Discovery Family channel, while YT Tv or Sling do not.

But if i am understanding how Channels TVE works, it does not even utilize the providers source to get the channels access and data stream. It only works if the channel network it self has a certain direct access login somewhere, that uses the said "Provider" login credentials.

So, no matter how many of the online streaming services I sign up for and connect via TVE, even if I have several of them, I will only still get just access to the same "supported channels" list, regardless of what channels each service offers via its own interface/ if I have a connected TVE Provider, that does not have Discovery Family, and add a service that does...I still will not get the channel in Channels DVR?

is this correct?

Just dont want to go waste my time and money setting up additional things if they are not gonna work...trying to find a way to dumb my ever increasing CATV service and go all online provider only...but a few of the channels i want, are spread across multiple providers.

Yes there is a fixed list of supported channels. You can click the pencil icon under any TVE source, then click Edit at the top right to see the full list of available channels.

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My Nickelodeon channels from Philo are missing. Is there a way to add them?

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Nickelodeon channels are not available via TV Everywhere.

Nickelodeon doesn't offer a live stream via tv everywhere

I just seen an advert for Philo on Facebook for the TV everywhere, they say just login with your Philo info and u can stream these channels.
I notice that A&E is listed.....but it had been said here that that chan does not support gives?

If Philo has A&E and support TVE, Xfinity login also is supported to A&E.

Also i see Nickelodeon....

Some channels have TVE, but only for on demand content, and don't offer a Live stream, which is what Channels needs.

I have Philo and can tell you A&E is not available for TVE live stream. You have to use the Philo app which isn't too bad. They actually link to VOD for shows you like on A&E.

Philo has BBC World News and it looks like there is a livestream of this channel available, but it does not show up as part of my Philo channels list in TVE. Is this channel available through TVE?

I believe only BBC America is available via TVE, and Philo provides TVE support for that channel.

(Remember, though, that just because a provider offers a channel in their lineup, they may not necessarily offer TVE access to that same channel.)

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I was just reading some of the other replies on here.

I am also missing A&E, Nick, BBC World News, History, and several more in Channels. Most of the ones I just mentioned obviously don't offer a live stream, even though they are listed under the TVE for Philo. Of course, the History Channel, is not listed at all under TVE for Philo.

Though it's a bummer we can't have some of those networks above in Channels DVR, I think the good news is many of the other notable Philo Channels "are" offered in live stream in Channels DVR.

I am in a trial of Philo and may keep it as it appears to nicely complement my OTA broadcast networks in Channels.