Channels DVR and Rasberry Pi 4 Model B Questions

I recently was out of town and tried to use the Channels Remote feature.
But when I tried it - I was able to pick up a Channels stream feed but it kept freezing and buffering.
When I researched the issue I discovered that my Synology ARM CPU (see CURRENT ENVIRONMENT below) is not capable of transcoding without buffering.
I travel quite frequently so I want to resolve this issue without breaking the bank.

From what I can tell the Raspberry Pi may be my best solution to this issue.
I understand that it will only support a single transcoded remote stream at a time (I am fine with that).
But have a few questions.

I pulled the suggested Raspberry PI Hardware (see below) from the Channels website.
Will this Raspberry PI Hardware deliver the same streaming capabilities/performance as my Synology DS216J?
I am a bit concerned because the Raspberry PI Hardware utilizes an external hard drive.
Which I assume would have more latency than the Synology hardwired drives.
IE - I do not want to sacrifice my home DVR performance at the expense of getting remote DVR access

Channels amazon link for the Raspberry Pi 4 board is - out of stock (Channels — Raspberry Pi).
Vilros has a 'Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 2GB' for $46.38
Raspberry Pi 4 [2GB] | Approved Reseller | 2019 Model | –
These look to be identical.
Am I correct in saying that?
IE - I want to make sure I am getting the proper hardware.

Single board Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB)
Power Supply - CanaKit 3.5A Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply - USB-C
Flirc Raspberry Pi 4 Case
WD Elements 4TB HD USB 3.0

Synology DS216J - Dual Core Armada385 - Linux 3.10.108 - 500MB RAM -x 1.14TB disk (36.1% used)
Channels DVR Server 2021.10.25.1801
apple tv hd

Yes it will work the same or better at home, and will support remote viewing.

You can purchase the Pi 4 from anywhere you want, including local Best Buy or microcenter

If you can find them. I haven't been able to find the single board but just as bundles costing over $100. Canakit is the only website I have found where you can order just the single board but that ships around Feb 1st.

Microcenter is the only store I have seen to sell just the single boards.
But that was pre-pandemic times, now, with chip shortage, they are rarely in stock.

The kits are the more market desired things it appears, and those are the recenlty eaiser to find.

Cannakit can be found at Best Buy too.

I recently ordered a CannaKit on Amazon with Prime shipping, and they had plenty in stock.

It was also announced recently they raised the prices on the Pi's.

My idea set up would be the deskpro ver 2 and the 2 gig. Together this is $105. it supports M.2 SATA SSD or 2.5 Inch SSD/HDD. Just add the SATA storage you need/want and you are good to go. Very cheap channels DVR.