Channels DVR app crashing on Apple TV

I updated the Channels DVR app on my Apple TV to the latest version yesterday and now the app crashes immediately upon starting it. The server software is running on MacOS High Sierra and has no errors in the log. I've restarted the MacOS machine running the server, I've uninstalled/restarted/and reinstalled the app on the Apple TV. The apple TV is running the latest release. I currently do not have the HDHomerun's connected, as I just moved, but have been able to watch recorded shows with no problems until I updated to the latest versions of the Channels DVR app and server software. Apple TV analytics data shows a crash for the Channels DVR on "Thread: 0"
The MacOS server and the Apple TV have both been power cycled and the Web access to the Channels DVR server works fine for viewing settings and previously recorded shows.
Edit 1: I have 2 apple TV's, both running 12.4 and both Apple TV's exhibit the same behavior.
Edit 2: I've checked the Channels DVR App on my iPhone and it is also crashing immediately upon app start. The logs show that the DVR server software on my MacOS HighSierra box updated on 30 July, this corresponds to when I started having the app crash problems.

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Thanks for the bug report.

Please update the dvr to the latest build by click-and-hold on the Check For Update button. Let us know if that resolves the issue.


Great Job, that fixed it.
Thanks for the quick action!


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