Channels DVR app for the AppleTV? - SOLVED


Trying to help a friend and neither of us are veterans of Apple and its eco-system.

I use Channels and subscribe to the DVR service.
My Channels DVR runs on my Synology NAS and I use the iOS clients on iPhone, iPod and iPads.

I told my friend to trial Channels by installing the 30 day trial of Channels DVR on his Windows or NUC and that he could then install the "Channels DVR" version of the client apps to try it out. He doesn't have any apple client devices, so he purchased an Apple TV 4k (5th gen?) and cannot find a "Channels DVR" version of the app on the app store.

I don't have an Apple TV, so searched the web and found this website for the Apple app store and clicked on "Fancy Bits, LLC" to see what they offered.

I don't see a "Channels DVR" app for the Apple TV either, only "Channels Live TV"?


Tell him to go to the app store, go to the "search" tab, highlight any part of the text input then hold the microphone button and the remote and say "channels DVR"... it should pop right up


I just searched for 'Channels DVR' and it showed right up in the App Store.


He found it. Said it helped when he spelled channels correctly :astonished: