Channels DVR as PLEX tuner

Since we can access Channels DVR streams via a REST interface, it'd be nice if there was a way to expose Channels (and explicitly the TVE functionality) as a Tuner for Plex.

My use case is that our family is used to using Plex for Live TV and DVR functionality, but obviously only get a subset of cable channels via the HDHR. Channels DVR is a great solution with the TVE support, but it means managing two sets of recordings, educating the household how and when to use Channels vs Plex, etc.

It seems like between (specifically the TVH proxy) and things like it should be possible, but is more than I want to tackle. :slight_smile:

In Plex create a library called like DVR and point it to where ever channels is saving the recordings. All the other stuff you should ask Plex to do a better job making live tv work.


The issue isn't getting Channels recordings playable through Plex - as you note, that's pretty trivial.

The issue is not having multiple interfaces to juggle - and for my use case Plex is a better UI than Channels is. Your suggestion of "Make Plex support TVE" isn't really pragmatic.

My point was channels works great and this is where you can contact the devs for channels DVR. You want all kinds of additions for Plex then contact the developers of Plex not Channels DVR.

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I agree, but I'm pretty sure Plex has many more employees than Channels does, and they're extremely slow to fix bugs (let alone feature requests). There's been bugs and useful features in the queue for far too long, meanwhile Plex is trying to figure out how to get a smart toaster oven to play your music library through beep codes.

For what it's worth, I've written a tool to help integrate Channels recordings into a Plex hierachy. I don't think it addresses your core request, but thought I'd let you know it exists, all the same.

I'm using a combination of Channels (HDHomeRun, TVE, Locast) and Jellyfin (IPTV), and you're right, having multiple non-integrated UI's doesn't exactly deliver a 'delightful' experience. Unfortunately the Plex DVR deficient in a number of areas, and it just doesn't seem to be making any real progress. They seem to be too busy adding features I personally have little use for. My hope is that Channels DVR will gain native support for IPTV,

One way to combine the user experience of various means of obtaining content is by using ombi. Your family will at least have one place to go to request that content be added to the server.