Channels DVR Cient will not start on ShieldTV

The channels dvr client will not even start on my Shield.

I've had that happen a few times on my new shield and shield pro as well...a few reboots of the device seemed to help, but it still doesnt work as well as it does on fire tv devices..

It is more than that the release is and it is not only the Shield not working. any AndroidTV device is broken.

you may be right; it works normally on my apple tv and my amazon fire tv devices, and its only on the shield where the problem seems to be..hd home run works fine, as does mosaic live, so I am not sure whats going on with the channels app on android boxes..

I wish they had an option to download the previous APK when problems like this exist to sideload. Right now I cannot watch TV or play recordings via Channels DVR on my Shields.

Anyway we can get the APK not getting anything from stores and it is getting late.

me either, the app wont even open on my shield now..very disappointing..

This is surprisingly to hear because it works on my Shield and I'm pretty sure all the Shield's have 64-bit CPU.

Which model Shield are you all using?

The non pro Cylinder 2019 Shield is 32 bit.

Are you sure? Nvidia says that both the 2019 models use the same Tegra X1+ chip.

2.1.16 on a Sony Bravia TV too won't open. Tried clearing data and cache without success. Been happening since this morning (EST)

Edit: saw in a post that we should be getting version 2.1.17 to fix this soon. I'll wait patiently :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow that is a real shame.

I am going to return it not worth it with only 32 Bit Android.

So will Channels work on the new tube Shield being 32 bit? I have a 2015 model and everything is great but was thinking about getting a 2nd Shield for another TV in the house.

It works the latest release is available. Though i would think long and hard before buying another 32 bit tube. I would save and buy a pro.

Thanks! I appreciate the response and I agree, the pro is the way to go.

Channels for Android version 2.1.17 is now available on the Google Play Store.

This resolves the issue from yesterday. You can manually update from the store to get it faster.