Channels DVR for home movies?


I am happy with my Channels DVR for remote use. Shows are recorded on my imac. I would like to know if I can add home movies to the DVR folder and view them remotely as well. Has anyone tried to do this and we’re they successful?


This is not possible.

Channels is a DVR only, and as such will keep track of programs it has recorded.

If you wish to access arbitrary media files, you need a media management program, such as Kodi, Plex, Emby or other software. (Plex and Emby offer remote access features, and some other programs may as weel, but those features are outside of Channels' scope.)


We love the Channels UI for Live TV and DVR. But I use PLEX and Emby ( i like testing so I have both) for other content like Movies and TV Shows that I do not DVR. Since Plex and Emby have now added Live TV and DVR which competes with Channels I think it would be cool for Channels to move in their direction as a future option. I.E. Other Content like "Movies" would be a nice add on to Channels. Also, I would like to see them add other Guide Data to the Channels UI. And like the Apple TV App and WatchAid they would invoke the real app to watch the show and then back to Channels after. Not one of the others offer a nice integrated "On Now" / "Guide" to match Channels.