Channels DVR Full Color Guide on Unraid


hi, i wonder if you guys can consider to add a dark mode on the unraid gui, or a colourful guide to unraid, the white theme is really white lol

thanks in advanced


Do you mean the web UI? That isn't confined to unraid.


i mean to the channels dvr docker, the guide is to white and hard to read for more the 10 min


Yeah, that's just the web ui, it's the same if you run the DVR on any platform, nothing to do with unraid itself.


yeah i know this have nothing to do with unraid, is the channels gui that need a better color gui, maybe cause English is not my first language it sound different


is really nice when you pay a monthly fee and ask a question to the people that you pay and they dont care to answer, it really make me want to keep paying that monthly fee


The two developers are very responsive if you have any question about usage of the DVR or apps.

You are asking for a “feature change” which may or may not be answered. Usually a non answer means that others have asked for the same and/or the devs aren’t planning on adding the request.


You may be able to find some browser plugins which let you change colors on websites yourself.

For example



i will take look at that thanks, do you have any idea if in the future update is posible to make the guide look the same as the app?


We plan to redo the web UI to make it more like the apps. But I'm not sure when that will happen. We are only two developers trying to maintain everything, including DVR server, DVR web ui, apps on multiple platforms and devices, community forums, subscription/billing services, websites, etc


At which point the purple haters will protest :smiley:


thank you very much


Here's another one: