Channels DVR Guide Data Issue


Several shows are not queried for recording starting April 30 because the channels dvr guide data is not that updated. The guide data is updated on my hdhomerun 4 tuner DVR where I can schedule abc shows like grey's anatomy, station 19, whiskey cavalier, several others, an episode of Blindspot on NBC, and NCIS on CBS, but those same shows don't show up on the channels dvr guide. Also, I have not figured out why but two shows didn't record last week which was what prompted me to check all the shows.


Channels DVR is an awesome service. Finally got my wife to like something after dropping DirecTV. In response to my own issue, the guide has now picked those shows. Its usually about 21 days of guide data but lately its not as far out as say the hdhomerun dvr guide. The TV Time and Hobi phone apps are good for keeping up with your shows. I also recommend Philo if you like AMC shows.